An Exploratory and Confirmatory Examination of Goal Setting Action Scale for Sportsperson

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Meenakshi, Prof. Lalit Sharma


The purpose of the present study was to develop a scale to identify underlying dimensions of goal-setting action used by athletes to enhance their performance in sports. A total of 592 athletes (312 males, 280 females) representing 28 sports were selected. The study was conducted in 5 phases. In phase, I focus group discussions were conducted with 12 experts and 3 elite players to target item selection and content relevance. Phase II set out to identify latent factors and develop their internal consistency. In phase III for further examination of the psychometric properties of the instrument by computing CFA was focused. Phase IV set out to develop differential reliability. In phase, V norms were developed. The results of an EFA provided a two-factor solution that accounted for 39.69 % of the overall variance (a) goal setting action (b) goal resetting action. The results of CFA yielded adequate fit to the two-factor model of goal setting action with the acceptable internal consistency. Differential reliability is proven that the scale is applicable for both genders. The total goal-setting action score was achieved by summing up the scores of all statements on each factor. The Scale seems to be an appropriate psychometric.

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