Analyzing causal relationship pathways influencing the development of value-added potential in enterprise products community to promote community economic development

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Chumpon Rodjam


Community economic development is one of the crucial challenges among the nations. Several strategies have been made in Thailand; however, the community economic development is not achieved to required level. Therefore, this study is an attempt to promote community economic development through community product development. Primary data were collected by conducting a questionnaire survey from various communities of Thailand. A 5-point Likert scale was used for data collection. Total 380 questionnaires were used in data analysis by using a statistical tool. Results of the study shows different ways to promote community economic development by promoting value-added products of community enterprise. It is revealed that; external factors such as government policy, traditions, culture, and environment can contribute to the potential development of community products. Furthermore, marketing focus of enterprises can also lead to the better community product development. Similarly, tourism also has key importance to promote community product development. Hence, external factors, marketing efforts and tourism can promote community economic development.

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