The Design of Thailand Fragrant Coconut’s Traceability System for Exporting to China

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Pimploi Tirastittam, Phutthiwat Waiyawuththanapoom, Suppara Charoenpoom, Sawanath Treesathon, Ronnakorn Vaiyavuth


Thailand is an agriculture country which mainly produces the agriculture product as a main exporting product. Fragrant coconut is one of the most potential fruit for exporting of Thailand as it is the exotic fruit which is popular worldwide. But the main destination country for fragrant coconut is China. This research is aim to design the Thailand fragrant coconut’s traceability system for exporting to China. The researcher did the in-depth interview with 4 experts and also did the design of information system database structure, use-case diagram and also the system architecture of the traceability system. The traceability system can be helped to maintain the exporting position of Thailand’s fragrant coconut in China and will help the consumer to know the information of the origin of the product and also help the tracking back the product if the product was defected.

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