Confirmative Component of the Governor in the Northeast of Thailand

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Sanit Khowsa-ard, Tanapol Kortana, Bundit Pungnirund, Niyom Suwandej


Peace of the country and the quality of life of all people It is the success of the top management in the province. With leadership in managing the country and bring public policy from the government to the local, which is important to the results that will happen to people in each province. The management of senior government leaders in the Northeast on the implementation of the current strategy still requires cooperation. In order to benefit the people of each province in their quality of life. The objectives of the research are as follows: 1) to study the leadership composition of provincial governors in the northeast region 2) to study the level of leadership of provincial governors in the northeast 3) to develop a model of the leadership composition of the provincial governors. This research uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. In quantitative research the sample is the top executives of the administrative department consist of the provincial governors. Deputy governor, provincial clerk, sheriff, district clerk, and high-ranking executives of the private sector. The work performed in 20 provinces in the Northeast, totaling 540 people. The sample size was determined using the criteria of 20 times the observed variables. The sample was determined using a criterion of 20 times the observed variable which using a multi-step sampling method. Use questionnaires to collect data and analyze data with structural equations. The qualitative research was conducted using in-depth interviews. The target audience is Senior management of the administrative department and senior executives of the private sector. The results showed that 1) the leadership component of the provincial governors in the northeastern region. There are nine main components: vision, spirit, leadership, team work, sufficiency economy, Intelligence, intelligence courage, problem-solving potential, virtue and decision-making 2) Leadership level of the provincial governors in the Northeast very level with statistical significance at the .05 level. In addition, the qualitative research found that 3) the model of leadership composition of the governors in the northeastern region derived from the researcher findings was named innovation “The PGL Model” is the governor's leadership component model in the Northeast region based on the discovered variables. The developed model is essential to the development of provincial governors' leadership in northeastern Thailand. The government should establish a policy of cooperation with all relevant organizations in all sectors. In developing the leadership of provincial governors in the northeastern region of Thailand according to the components found from the study for the development of senior executives in the administrative department to create sustainable success in the local area. In the present day Having a network both within the country regional and international, it will be able to develop a good quality of life for the people and solve problems for the people under more universal participation.

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