Reading Skill as a Receptor of Language Acquisition Tool among the Technical Engineering Students of India: A Strategic Study and Model with Multi-Attribute Decision-Making

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Velmurugan, K., Smrutisikta Mishra , V. Jeyasakthi, G. S. Mahapatra


Everyone in the classroom, not mainly focus on achieving the grade alone but also how far the students come out with their natural skills that are hidden among each and every one to face the task in acquiring the strategies that are applicable in a real-life situation to overcome the task in language learning. This study is based on the reading strategies taken away from their practice in the classroom by the technical students of various technical institutions. Nearly 240 Engineering students responded from various technical institutions, including private colleges, government colleges, and central technical institutions. All the questionnaires were direct in the form to respond. As per the primary aim, the study investigated the reading strategies handled by the technical students in comprehending a text for the betterment of acquiring reading skills. The study's second aim was determined particularly the importance of language tasks specifically to improvise the different strategies they have and to narrow down to specific strategies to obtain reading skills without consuming time. The study is interpreted mathematically by using Multi-Attribute Decion Making. The study results reveal that engineering students primarily need to narrow down their reading strategies from various to specific strategies to obtain the language skills rather than taking much time while reading a text.

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