Traditional to Virtual Learning: Problems Faced by College Students during Covid-19¬¬

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Dhananjoy Debnath, Dr. Binod Chetia


Covid-19 a curse to the whole world makes everyone’s life turmoil and affects all areas of life like - social, economical, educational, hospitality etc. Because of Covid-19 educational sector resulted in significant decline, as the situation became worst the global lockdown imposes all over the world and closing of all educational institutions resulted in a stressful event for academic activities with limited options. As cope up with the situation online learning/virtual learning has quickly adopted instead of traditional learning to fulfill the needs and demands of students as education is the main ornament of life to modification of individual behavior in a socially desirable way. In the global pandemic, new techniques are adopting to meet the continuity in teaching learning process. During this time, the authority and concerned teachers adopted online mode of teaching and allowing students to work from home to avoid miss happening due to covid-19. During the pandemic, there is an urgent need to maintain and secure the students, teachers, academic staffs, communities and the country as a whole. The situation challenged the global education system and forcing educators to use or adopt online mode of teaching learning process. The purpose of the study is to provide the observations, experiences, suggestions regarding virtual teaching-learning process in Indian perspective. This paper describes the importance of virtual learning as well as availability of technological resources to cope up with present educational system. The investigators will try to focus the transforming learning procedure from traditional mode to virtual mode and the barriers and challenges faced by students as the result of the covid-19.

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