Blended Teaching-Learning System, a new option for education system in post-COVID period- A case study of Thane City Colleges

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Dr. Dhanashree Sawant


In the Post-COVID era, the different sectors have undergone massive changes, the education system is not an exception to this. Educationists, students and policy makers and other stakeholders have started giving their opinions and suggestions with respect to new education system. A Blended Teaching-Learning System (BTLS) may prove to be a new normal. Therefore, it is important for the stakeholders to think about various pros and cons of the Blended Teaching-Learning System. The author of this paper aims to understand, analyse the pros and cons of Blended Learning System and to make suggestions. Author of the study hypothesized that Blended Teaching-Learning System is good option in post-COVID period. However, it is imperative that sufficient and affordable internet connectivity and other necessary infrastructure is available for BTLS. Author has taken primary data through a questionnaire method from the stakeholders, i.e., students, parents and teachers of various colleges in Thane city. It is concluded that taking into consideration the post-COVID issues, Blended Teaching-Learning System would be a new normal. However due precautions and sufficient infrastructure would be necessary for best results.

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