Psychological Outlook of Students about Impact of Flipped Classroom on Learning Outcome

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Naim Shaikh, Abhijit Vhatkar, Vilis Pawar, Kishori Kasat


This study is relevant given how the teaching learning process has shaped up in the Covid 19 Pandemic. As face to face teaching-learning was not possible, institutes switched to online teaching-learning with the help of various platforms such as zoom Microsoft Team, Google Meet etc. Purpose: the study seeks to identify the significant relationship between flipped classroom and learning outcome of students of management program in higher education. It also aims to study the effectiveness of flipped classroom in contrast to traditional classroom method. Research Methodology: Two independent samples of 60 students each are taken for the experiment. Group-1 underwent Flipped Classroom Teaching Learning Method and Group-2 underwent traditional Teaching Learning Method. Structured Survey Questionnaire was prepared and sent to these two groups after the end of the curriculum of respective subject and their responses were collected. The collected responses were analysed for the normality and subsequently hypothesis test was applied to 2 sample t test with the SPSS. Findings: It has been identified that flipped classroom method of teaching learning is positively related to the learning outcome. Practical implication: this study will contribute to the existing literature about the effectiveness of Flipped Classroom for students of Management program in higher education. It will be helpful in enhancement of teaching Learning and students learning outcome for the respective subjects. Original Value: The study conducted at Management Institutes with the experimental research for two independent groups and learning outcomes were measured with results and students’ feedback.

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