Effectiveness Of Using Kahoot! Application In The Teaching Of Vocabulary On Perception And Achievement Of Low Achiever Students

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Tan Shih Min, Mohd Rustam Mohd Rameli, Najua Syuhada Ahmad Alhassora, Hayati Abdullah


Using Kahoot! application is one of the game-based learning methods used in the teaching and learning process to encourage active involvement and interest of students. This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of the use of Kahoot! application on perception and achievement for Malay vocabulary learning among low achiever students. This study used a quasi-experimental quantitative research method with one group sample of the pre-posttest design. The respondents involved were 10 low achiever students from a primary Chinese school in Kluang district. The instrument on perception was adapted from the Bicen and Kocakoyun survey while the Malay vocabulary test was self-developed. Data were analyzed inferentially using the Wilcoxon Signed-rank test. The results showed a significant effect of perception and achievement after the use of Kahoot! application in vocabulary learning. Therefore, theusing of Kahoot! application as a part of game-based learning method is recommended as an alternative learning tool for teachers in the teaching and learning process.


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