The Intergration Of Science And Islam In Malaysia Of High Education Instituts: An Explorative Survey

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Halimi Mohd Khalid, Norfaiza.F, Azman Hasan , Arieff Salleh Rosman, Aqeel Khan


The Philosophy of National Education (FPK) has set a clear direction for the teaching and learning process in Malaysia. The education system implemented in Malaysia is to produce balanced and harmonious human beings in terms of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical based on obedience to God.This comprehensive goal has been manifested through systematically organized planning and implementation at the primary and secondary school levels.However, when moving to higher levels of education, namely universities and colleges, the appreciation of this great goal is seen as somewhat vague as special focus is given to students to master the fields of study they pursue.As a result, students are seen as ‘machines’ that are only developed for the purpose of creating success after success in the intellectual aspect of an outward nature. The emptiness of emphasis and filling from the spiritual, emotional and spiritual aspects in an integrated manner at the level of Higher Education Institutions has caused problems in terms of morals and behavior among the ranks who will lead the management and leadership of the country one day.Thus, this study is to identify the methods that can fill the vacuum through the analysis of several models of integrated education practiced by several Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA) in Malaysia.This study uses a qualitative approach that involves document analysis and literature review to gather the necessary information and data.

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