Academic Integration and Its Relationship to the Creative Environment Recognized by the University Students

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Baidaa Salh Hassan


the current research aims at identifying:

 -1 academic integration with the University students.

-2The students of the University are subject to the differences in academic integration according to the variables, gender (male-female), specialization (scientific-human), and the second-fourth (second-fourth).

 (3) the creative environment recognized by the students of the University.

4The students of the university are aware of the differences in the creative environment according to the variables, gender (male-female), specialization (scientific-human), and the second-fourth (second-fourth)

.5 The relationship between academic integration and the creative environment recognized by university students.

 The current research was limited to a sample of 400 students from Al  Qadisiyah University (Scientific-Humanist), second-fourth, and to the morning study of the school year (2018-2019) selected in the stratified mannerchapter oneThe problem of research the University is the first foundation for the development of society in all its manifestations and the subject of education is of great value in the life of Nations because it relates to the building of minds and the empowerment of souls, it is particularly important because the university is the constant pillar of the rise of Nations. This confirms the prominent role played by universities in achieving a great deal of development and progress, as a university activity today, which is no longer limited to theoretical studies alone, but extended to applied studies and modern arts. Due to low levels of student achievement, high levels of mishaps and a high level of student dropout (Fredrick et at; 2004) The lack of credibility among students leads to a lack of integration among students, and many psychologists emphasize that the low level of academic integration among students is rarely met by low educational attainment and many other ecological problems such as boredom and leakage

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