Instructional Leadership Practices: Exploring Malaysia Primary Principals Strategies

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Roslizam Hassan, Yusof Boon, Jamilah Ahmad, Lokman Md. Tahir


This study aims to explore the effective instructional strategies practiced by primary principals in performing their roles as instructional leaders. This qualitative study used a multiphasecase study design through interview and observation approaches. This study involved 15 purposely selected teachers who worked at eight selected primary schools. In addition, researchers also conducted a few observation sessions with the school administrators, teachers, and students within the abovementioned schools. Findings indicated the studied primary principals had accomplished three to five major strategies as instructional leaders which listed in the Hallinger and Murphy (1985)’s instructional leadership model. In summary,instructional leadership has been practiced by principals in the Southern Zone of Malaysia in leadingtheir schools towards the achievement of the vision and mission that has been determined by the ministry of education.

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