New normality in the reopening of schools

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Aracelli del Carmen Gonzales-Sánchez, Margoth Luliana Berrio-Quispe, Dina Emeteria Chávez-Bellido, Sarita Melisa Quispe-Llactahuaman


The year 2020, due to the notable increase of the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing the disease COVID-19, determined that, in order to prevent the increase of contagions, several governments worldwide decided to close schools, institutes and universities, as well as to implement the distance, remote or virtual teaching modality; however, the closure of schools brought with it complications such as the delay of learning in students. The objective of this study was to determine the new normality in the reopening of schools within the context of the health emergency. Consultation of the academic literature led to the conclusion that the new normality implied adaptive processes in schools; during the reopening, the countries where classes were reopened faced three common aspects: emotional issues, fear of contagion and the implementation of precise and detailed health protocols.

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