A critical analysis on virtual and augmented reality for improving e-business language skills

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Dr. S. Rangaraju, Dr K.G.B.Santhosh Kumari, Dr Gomatam Mohana Charyulu, K saikumar, V Rajesh


English is regarded as one of the most critical business languages around the world. Various techniques have been developed to aid language acquisition in this field. The academic and business worlds are both responding favourably to technology intrusion in business communication abilities. The new normal condition is presenting a plethora of options to study a language, particularly English for semi speakers, using one of the immersive platforms, Virtual Reality. Striving people must improve their fluency and proficiency in order to stay competitive in the commercial sector. Learners might benefit from considering business-specific English in this situation. The research examines how virtual reality (VR) allows learners to experience business-related situations in a hands-on manner. It also addresses scenarios in which learners might optimize their best skills. A multimethod study demonstrates how virtual reality technologies may be used to enhance English communicative skills. It discusses how different VR applications may pique learners' attention and passion, as well as several strategies for improving learning English.

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