Instructional Supervision Practices: Perceptions Of Principals And Teachers Of Federal Government Educational Institutions

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Dr. Sayyam Bin Saeed , Dr. Asaf Niwaz & Dr.Bibi Asia Naz


Instructional supervision holds an important position as it offers optimum assistance for the valuable and dynamic development of an institution. Instructional supervision encompasses the supervisory practices practiced by the principals of the institutions that are carried out wittingly to supervise the teaching and learning process in its entirety.

The present study endeavored to investigate and compare the perception of the principals and instructors of the FGEIs about the instructional supervision as practiced by them in their institutions. For this study, a qualitative approach was implemented and purposive sampling was observed. Ten FGEIs heads and thirty teachers were incorporated for sampling. Interviews were conducted and the data was analyzed through thematic analysis.

The findings of the study proposed that among the prime duties of the heads, the vital one is to single out the weak areas of the teachers and propose alternate strategies to make up for their deficiencies. The result of the present study showed that the principals of the institution used numerous practices to make up the deficiencies which comprise discussion, development of interpersonal relationships, providing assistance, feedback, and motivation for self-assessment, and provision of follow-up meetings. The study suggested that the process of supervision in instruction should be followed regularly to help the teachers for their continuous and regular professional development.

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