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Dr. Meghana Vyas


The government of India and of states and others are inspiring for raising the role of women in the society and hence the contribution of Indian women in the economy of family and country is increased, with the real freedom of India, the Indian women shepherded into a new role right from holding highest public office in bureaucracy to holding highest political positions. Women in modern India now participates in all activities such as education, sports, media, art and culture, service sectors, science, and technology etc. time has changed from “the men earn, and women stayed at home” to “women equally contributed”. But the women still cook and washes and runs the house. So, balancing her work life is biggest task for her. Work-life balance is a term which describes the balance between professional life and personal life. It is the extremely difficult issue faced by women employees, because of their various types of roles at home and at their working place. A good balance between the two can play a crucial role for attaining personal as well as organizational goals.

Women are the building blocks of the society. It is challenging for them to work throughout the day by managing their work schedules with good performance and the family responsibilities. The women employees find it difficult to manage and so-called work life balance will be shattered. In this study an attempt was made for understanding various factors like struggle between time and work, stress level, daily traveling problem, challenges, excessive responsibilities, and satisfaction level etc. related to work life balance of women. The study is based on a structured questionnaire, the responses were taken from around 117 working women who all are employed in numerous sectors of Maharashtra state and the results showed that women are confronting complexity in overseeing their personal and professional life at the same time and hence not finding them hundred percent successful for balancing their work life even after giving their best.

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