Farmer’s Friend: Conversational AI BoT for Smart Agriculture

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Venkata Reddy P S, Nandini Prasad K S, Puttamadappa C


Farmers are facing lot of issues even in the era of Digital disruptions. Conversational AI bots powered by natural language processing have the potential to always assist farmers regarding all the intricacies involved in farming which positively impact the economy. All Businesses are adopting latest technology solutions to reduce costs significantly, to increase revenues and to automate time-consuming manual tasks and focus on growth. In this paper we are applying a similar approach for agriculture on which more than 70% of the rural Indian population is dependent. Conversational AI internally uses Natural Language Processing which is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that powers computers to understand, comprehend and process human languages. In addition, Farmers are also affected by climate change, economic issues, environmental issues that affect whether like Soil quality, water quality, climate, and terrain etc. Despite all these issues farmer community is striving hard to supply food to the growing world population. To provide timely help to all the farmers on the various aspects related to farming and market conditions, we have developed Farmers Friend – A Conversational AI BoT for smart agriculture. This bot can also get integrated into Smart Agriculture System based on IoT (SASI) that has been devised  by us already.

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