Factors Influence Saving Behaviour among SMEs’ Employees in Saudi Arabia

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Dr. Abdullatef Saber


The variables that impacted saving behaviour among SMEs in Saudi Arabia were examined in this study, with a focus on attitude toward saving, financial self-efficacy, social influence, and financial literacy. Every employee, whether in the public or private sector, must be capable of successfully managing their finances. This is because managing money is more difficult than producing or earning it.  The variables influencing saving behaviour among government workers in Saudi Arabia were investigated using a comprehensive survey methodology. The proportionate stratified sampling method across the workers was used to select this sample of 397 employees. The data was collected using a self-structured feedback questionnaire about saving habits. The survey was performed directly (face to face) with the workers, with the questionnaires being collected after they were distributed for analysis. According to our model, saving attitudes and financial self-efficiency toward saving behaviour have a significant and favourable connection. Furthermore, the results indicate that employee saving behaviour is unaffected by social influence or financial knowledge.

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