DISCUSSING ENFORCEMENT OF the Consumer Protection Law in Vietnam

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Nguyen Trong Diep, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy


After 10 years of implementing the Law on Consumer Protection, most businesses have initially known and applied to different degrees the legal provisions protecting consumers' interests in their business activities. Some businesses have understood and applied well and effectively the legal provisions to protect the interests of consumers, thereby creating competitive advantages for businesses and their products and services, as well as creating opportunities for them to develop their products and services. basis for the sustainable and long-term development of brands, businesses and products. However, many businesses are still not aware of the meaning and role of consumers and consumer protection laws in their business activities. Since then, these businesses have committed many violations of the law of the state in general and the law on protecting the interests of consumers in particular, such as: smuggling, tax evasion, trading in counterfeit goods, imitation goods, etc. poor quality products, false advertising, deceiving, forcing consumers...

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