The Influence Of Spiritual Leadership On Employee Knowledge Sharing Behavior: The Moderating Effect Of Organizational Culture

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Syed Sikander Wali , Raza Ullah , Fayaz Ali Shah


This study explores the causal relationship between spiritual leadership and knowledge sharing, moderated by organizational culture, in the service and manufacturing sectors of Pakistan. The study models important constructs like Spiritual Leadership, Employee Knowledge Sharing, and Organizational Culture in a conceptually logical way, and uses a questionnaire survey of employees to collect data. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM) are employed to determine the reliability and validity of the model. The results show that spiritual leadership has a significant impact on knowledge sharing, and organizational culture plays a moderating role in this relationship. The study provides valuable insights into the impact of spiritual leadership on knowledge sharing in different sectors, and highlights the importance of tailoring leadership approaches to the specific needs of different sectors. The findings have important implications for business leaders, policymakers, and researchers, and provide a foundation for further research in this area.

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