The Logistical Geo-Medical Analysis of the Epidemiological Curve of the Corona Pandemic, and the Most Important Proposed Strategies to Limit its Spread.

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Tasamer Mahdi Jassam, Dr. Abdel Amir Abbas Abd Al-Hayali


The study of the logistical geological analysis of the epidemiological curve of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19), and the most important proposed strategies to limit its spread for the year (2020-2021) are important studies, as Iraq is one of the countries in which the Corona virus spread early due to the volume of trade exchange with the countries of the region, Especially Iran, as well as the dependence of the consumer sector in Iraq on Chinese goods to a large extent. The government did not take urgent measures in a timely manner to cut off its contact with the countries of the region via land roads, which increased the number of infections, especially in the cities of Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf, and it did not prevent huge religious gatherings, and for this reason we find that the number of injuries in these governorates is high compared to other Iraqi governorates.

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