E-Classrooms: - Impact of Online Learning platforms on students studying in different schools of India during Covid 19

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Dr. Hena Iqbal, Dr. Udit Chawla, Varsha Mishra, Jyoti Shaw, Debolina Chakraborty


Rapid growth of e-learning has proven that it is one of the finest ways of learning in the contemporary world as synchronous and asynchronous interactive sessions are convenient for the learners and hence, it is improving with time. Most of the Schools and institutions understood the importance of e-learning and adopted it on a wide scale so that they can provide quality learning online from their home. With further technological advancements, it became necessary to be updated with the current technological aspects which are helpful in order to stand out in such a tech-savvy world. This paper helps to identify the factors determining student’s satisfaction towards online study for students studying in various schools and further, to determine the effect of these dimensions on students’ preference towards using online platforms. Structured questionnaire was used to conduct survey in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai in India. 250 responses were collected from the students of various schools. From the study, it has emerged that three factors have been identified, that is “Knowledge”, “Mixed Learning” and “Cognizance”. It has also been found that dimensions, mixed learning and knowledge have significant impact over students’ preference towards using online learning platforms. In the present study, data has been taken only from different metropolitan cities. Thus, for the greater representation of samples, few more cities needed to be selected for pan India understanding whether school students prefer virtual classrooms.

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