Perceived Role Of Green Human Resource Management Practices Towards Employees Pro-Environmental Behavior: Examining The Moderating Role Of Environmental Knowledge

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Dr. Mohammad Qasim Ayaz , Dr. Raza Ullah , Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Mukhtar , Naseer Muhammad


The study was mainly conducted to check the impact of perceived green human resource management practices on employee’s pro-envirnomental behavior, in the presence of moderating role of environmental knowledge, in banking industry, Kabul, Afghanistan. This means, green recruitment and selection, green training and development, green performance management was employed as the GHRM-practices and independent variables for this study, employee’s pro-envirnomental behavior employed as the dependent variable, and envirnomental knowledge as moderator in this study. The sample of the respondents comprises of 351 with constitute of 70% of total population. The respondent demographic questions were mainly consisted of (gender, age, education, experience, and department). To collect data, adapted questionnaire was entertained, through Likert scale (1) strongly disagree, (2) disagree, (3) natural, (4) agree, (5) strongly agree and time series method was used. The study targeted different selected manufacturing industries working in the capital of Afghansitan. The study found, positive correlation of all variables, and found positive significant influence of independent variables on the dependent variable. This study also found moderating role of envirnomental knowledge between GRS, GTD, GPM and EPEB). This means, that positive significant influence of selected variables found in this study. Moreover, the study used SPSS .25 and AMOS .17 as the statistical tools to perform different test aimed to explore the results and findings for this research work. Due to the extensive importance of organizational sustainability, and employee’s envirnomental behaviour, this study recommends the implementation of green human resrouces practices in manufacturing industy in Afghanistan.

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