Anxiety and depression among children with learning disability and their parents

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S. Vandhana, Dr. RadhaKumar


Background: The presence of a disabled child causes profound changes in the family, with impact of anxiety and depression on parents and on their quality of life being considerable.

Aim: The present study assessed the psychological comorbidity of children with learning problems and also evaluated the anxiety and depression among parents with learning disability children.

Methods: This prospective questionnaire‑based study was conducted in the Department of Psychiatry, Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital (KKCTH). The study participants are inclusive of all the children with learning disability and their parents who gave their informed consent and available during the study period.

Results:  Statistical significance was present between the prevalence of depression in relation to gender and the socioeconomic variables. The generalized anxiety disorder was found to be to about 25% among the study subjects. Around 31.5 % of mild depression was prevalent among the parents of learning-disabled children

Conclusion: Effective intervention programs are in need of the hour to address comorbid conditions like depression and anxiety. Psychoeducation about the child’s condition and an effective remedial education program will be a great boon to the community.


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