Implementation of Outcome-Based Education for Engineering Accreditation Exercise

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S.Deivasigamani, Raman Raguraman, Bala Selladuri, R Badlishah Ahmad, Segar Rajamanickam


With the globalisation of engineering education, Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is inevitable.  By effective implementation of OBE, institutions can acquire and sustain accreditation.  To implement OBE successfully, measures of achievement for Programme Outcomes (POs) and Course Outcomes (COs) are important.  Monitoring the achievement of POs at different stages of the programme is important.  This article investigates the importance of rubrics as an assessment instrument in measuring and achieving POs through COs by the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology (FECT), Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University (AIMST) in Malaysia. As a case study the POs achieved by one cohort of students are analysed to validate this research.

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