Assessment of the effectiveness of EFL online learning and teaching during Covid-19 pandemic

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Dr Aayesha Sagir Khan, Ms. Samar Alnmer, Dr Sagir Ahmed Khan, Mr Mohsin Raza Khan


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest disruption to education systems in human history, affecting about 1.6 billion students in over 200 nations. Closed schools, institutions, and other learning facilities have harmed 94 percent of the world's student population. This has impacted many facets of our daily life. Social alienation and movement limits have significantly disrupted traditional schooling procedures. Reopening schools after restrictions are lifted is another problem, especially with so many new standard operating procedures in place. After the COVID-19 epidemic, many specialists shared their findings on teaching and learning in various ways. Several schools and universities have begun to phase out face-to-face education. The 2020 academic year, and possibly more, may be lost in the near future. The study addressed issues most EFL students faced during COVID-19 online learning. Alternative teaching and assessment methods must be designed and deployed as quickly as practicable. The COVID-19 epidemic has given us a chance to promote digital learning. A detailed review of the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic on online teaching and learning of various articles is the goal of this study.

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