An in-depth analysis of tertiary packaging issues of e retailers and its impact on the e-retail customer perceptions

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Alex Nero, Dr. Sreedhara Raman


The e-retail is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world and in India. The percentage of e-retail is very less compared to offline business, but it is surely going to propel itself to tremendous growth. The e-retailers have different strategies when it comes to their marketing departments. The e-retailers give a lot of importance to the specific marketing tactics. They understand this is one of the most important ways to attract more customers. They advertise aggressively in all forms of media. The amount spent on advertisements increases during the festive seasons (Prasad & Rao, 2015). Some of the strategies employed by the e-retailers are classified as pricing strategies and non-pricing strategies. The e-retailers in the process of increasing the speed of delivery are compromising with the logistics efficiency, packaging efficiency and fuel efficiency.

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