Customer Empowerment - A Way to Administer Customer Satisfaction in Indian Banking Sector

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Deboshree Chatterjee, Savanam Chandra Sekhar, M. Kishore Babu, Dr. A.Ravi Kumar


The Indian banking sector is one of the foundation pillars of the Indian economy. This sector has entered transition phase from post liberalization period. The banking sector has witnessed high competition, change in demand pattern and modernization in this phase. It has emerged as a complete customer-oriented service sector where customers are the focal point. Nevertheless, all banks are feeling the heat of burning need of increasing the level of customer satisfaction and manage customer churn. A modest attempt is made in this study to perform a descriptive and exploratory research on determining a way on how the banks perform something unique to satisfy and retain customers. The study determines how customer satisfaction depends on relationship marketing dimensions implemented by the banks. The study develops a model to explain the positive impact of customer empowerment on customer satisfaction.

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