Estimation of Pesticide Residues in Daily consumables

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Divyashree. J, Dr. Sapna Tomar


Agriculture is critical to the Indian economy, while farming's contribution to overall gross domestic product (GDP) has decreased from over 30% in 1990-91 to less than 15% in 2011-12, a tendency that is expected in any economy's growth process, farming remains the cornerstone of progress. The ordinary Indian continues to pay about half of its total food costs. Avaried range of pesticides is necessary to control pests and vector-borne diseases on tropical agricultural plants. However, occasional use has had negative consequences for public health as well as food quality, which has an effect on the environment, and has resulted in the development of pest resistance. Indiscriminate use in the food chain has a detrimental effect on the entire ecosystem, polluting soil, soil and surface water and air. In this study, estimated few of the commonly used pesticide residues in water, rice, fruits and vegetablesconsumed by peoplein kasargod, Kerala. Nearly one in three goods tested carried pesticide residues below the MRL and remaining goodsare above the MRL.

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