Investigating Speaking Challenges Encountered By Pakistani University Students: Causes And Recommendations

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Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Dr. Sumaira Qanwal , Anila Khan


Speaking English is a regular aspect of the academic life for EFL students at Pakistan's top undergraduate English programmes. For first-year undergraduate students at public and private universities, this approach can occasionally cause a lot of issues (Leitner, Hashim, & Wolf, 2016; Pandian, 2018). By keeping in view, the international significance of English language, the issue of language communication is the critical point at university level. (Ali et al.2020).  This study aims to investigate all of these trends in order to identify the barriers to learning English for students at various private universities in Lahore. Radick (2016) is of the view that English language is highly valued all over the world. Students’ academic success is based on speaking ability. Despite its significance, there was a lack of information regarding the difficulties with English speaking that Pakistani university students encounter. selected 20 participants for data authentication and collection. The sample of participants consisted of 20 students of BS English, from Superior University Lahore and University of Lahore. Sample of 20 BS English students of Private Universities took part in the current study. In this study, mixed techniques were used to look into the speaking issues that undergraduate students experience. The findings indicate that English majors at public and private universities have many difficulties communicating in English. However, this study indicated that students at public universities have slightly better English proficiency and experience fewer obstacles. 

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