A Marxist-Feminist Analysis Of James Joyce’s, Eveline

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Saqib Raza , Faizan Abbas , Naeem Iqbal , Samreena Alam


This research paper is qualitative in nature and attempts to analyze the short story "Eveline" by James Joyce from a Marxist-feminist perspective. It focuses on how women suffer exploitation and oppression in a capitalist society. Eveline, the protagonist in the short story, suffers oppression, humiliation, and exploitation in a male-dominated society. She suffers victimization at the hands of the capitalist mindset in society. Eveline’s financial support for her family goes ignored and unappreciated in a patriarchal setup that appreciates only male chauvinism. It shows how women are in shackles in spite of the fact that they support their families. In this context, Marxist feminism seems apt and helpful in understanding women's oppression in capitalist society. This study concludes that women in capitalist societies suffer physically, mentally, and financially. The method used in this research is analytical.

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