The Effect of Corrective feedback on the attainment of fifth grade students in the subject of social studies

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Iman Jawad Hussein


This research esearch is aimed at determining the impact of Corrective feedback on the socialization of students in the fifth grade of primary education. The research was limited to a sample of 60 students in the fifth grade of primary education at a primary school for boys in the Nile area of the province of Babylon. The researcher identified the scientific material for research students, the third unit comprising (chapter I and II) of the social book scheduled by the Ministry of Education. It prepared behavioural targets in accordance with the content of the 119 study. The first three levels of the classification were defined for the knowledge field and were offered to a number of specialists. For the purpose of the research, the researcher developed a zero hypothesis and selected a pilot design with partial seizure of two sets, one experimental and the other controlled.

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