Impact Of Organizational Justice On Job Performance: Psychological Empowerment As A Mediator

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Muhammad Farooq Jan, Qasim Khan, Aftab Haider, Adnan Khan, Dr. Nazim Ali, Sahibzada Yaseen Ahmad


The primary objective of this research was to examine the correlation between organizational justice (OJ), psychological empowerment (PE), and job performance (JP). Additionally, the study aimed to explore the potential mediating role of PE in the link between OJ and JP. The data set was obtained from a sample of 316 educators employed in privately-owned institutions of higher education within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan through OJ scale (Niehoff & Moorman, 1993), PE scale Spreitzer (1995) and JP scale (Goodman & Svyantek, 1999). The data analysis was performed using SPSS and Amos. The assumptions and research model were tested using correlation and structural equation modelling techniques. The findings indicate a statistically significant positive correlation between OJ and both JP and PE. Additionally, it should be acknowledged that PE has a substantial and positive correlation with JP. Structure equation modeling confirmed that PE partially mediated the relationship between OJ and JP.

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