The Significance And Imperative Of Service To Humanity: Insights From The Quran And Hadith

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Dr. Muhammad Shafeeq , Dr. Ahmad , Dr. Muhammad Azhar Abbasi , Muhammad Azam


As a human being, the ultimate pinnacle of morality lies in serving humanity sincerely. This act is desirable to human nature; therefore it is of great importance. Anyone who does it, Allah loves him and rewards him for good deeds. He exalts those who engage in it. It is not only a moral duty but also a religious obligation bestowed upon us.

Throughout history, the teachings of the Holy Prophets have consistently emphasized the importance of serving humanity. The Last Holy Prophet himself strongly urged us to work for the welfare and benefit of all people. By understanding the Qur'anic text, scholars have come to the conclusion that this service is considered the highest form of obedience.

Islam is a religion that encompasses all human beings, welcoming and embracing everyone. The exemplary lives of the Caliphs further exemplify this spirit of service to humanity. They have learned the service of humanity from the teachings of the Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad and his practical life. The pure and merciful lives of the Prophets were in front of them. May Allah grant us the strength to act upon these teachings and principles in our lives, Amen!

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