Zaheer Kashmiri: The Poet Of The Greatness Of Humanity

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Nisar Ali , Dr.Sanam Shakir , Dr. Saira Irshad , Muhammad Adnan , Dr.Muslim Shah , Syed Azwar Abbas , Muhammad Umar , Dr.Muhammad Kamran Shehzad , Dr.Muhammad Rahman , Dr.Sajid Mehmood


The progressive movement was the movement of oppressed and poor sect. its founder is Sajjad Zaheer and the regular commencement of this movement occurred in 1936. The Romantic Movement was on the peak before this movement but this movement end to Romantic Movement and bread, dress habitat and started the progressive movement. The romantic poet resorted to the progressiveness. Zaheer Kashmiri name is amongst these progressive poets. Kashmiri’s poetry has several angles. One angle is the angle of human greatness. According to them, the greatness of man is not superficial but from scientific point of view it is the source of historical and actual comprehending of meaning and the accurate greatness of man and to go to the right destination. The sublimity man’s concept exists in zeal and fervor. Zaheer is the foremost and individualized poet of Urdu who started his artistic journey from the greatness of human manifest.   

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