Exemplars Of Action Research: A Research Supervisor’s Story And Lessons Learnt

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Dr Kiran Hashmi & Dr Martin Thomas


Despite its potential benefits, action research has been underutilized in many countries. In Pakistan, action is not only underutilized but also underestimated by educational researchers. As a result, the importance of having the skills to supervise action research is often overlooked. Action research has emerged as a noteworthy approach in the field of education that aims to bring about practical and meaningful changes in classroom practices. This study explores the experiences of four batches of student-teachers who conducted action research projects under the supervision of the lead researcher of this study. The study investigates the benefits and challenges of implementing action research in the classroom and the impact of the teacher educator’s supervision on the student-teachers’ research process. The results reveal that the student-teachers’ participation in action research projects allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of their own teaching practices, and to identify areas of improvement in their classroom instruction. The lead researcher’s supervision was found to be critical in providing guidance and support to the student-teachers throughout the research process, as well as in enhancing their research and writing skills.

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