“Public Place Sexual Harassment Experiences Faced By Karachi Women”

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Saba Ghizali , Dr. Naila Usman


The research article titled "Public Place Sexual Harassment Experiences Encountered by Women in Karachi" aims to provide insight into a significant concern, namely, the occurrence of sexual harassment in public environments. The primary objective of this study is to examine and gain insight into the prevailing condition of this phenomenon within the specific setting of Karachi, a vibrant urban centre in Pakistan. Sexual harassment is a form of undesirable behaviour that specifically targets persons based on their gender. It encompasses several acts, including looking, honking, whistling, taunting, and passing explicit comments (Calogero, 2012).it is important to highlight that sexual harassment is a matter of great concern in Pakistani culture. However, the current body of research on this topic is limited and insufficient in effectively addressing the seriousness of the issue. This study aims to narrow this divide by examining three crucial research inquiries: Firstly, the objective is to define a complete definition of public place sexual harassment, which includes the diverse range of forms and manifestations it might assume. Additionally, this research delves into many social frameworks in order to offer a comprehensive analysis of the intricate processes surrounding sexual harassment. Finally, this study examines the present state of Karachi, critically analysing the city's position and reaction to instances of sexual harassment in public spaces.The results of this study unveil a concerning reality. The incidence of sexual harassment in Karachi has escalated to concerning proportions, since a significant proportion of participants have shared personal accounts of experiencing such harassment. These results underscore the imperative of tackling this matter at both the societal and policy levels. The study not only emphasises the magnitude of the issue but also emphasises the significance of effectively addressing it. The study titled 'Incidents of Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces: Through a comprehensive analysis of the present conditions prevailing in Karachi and the lived experiences of its female population, this study provides significant and noteworthy perspectives on a subject matter that necessitates much scholarly consideration. The results of this study provide a significant reminder to both society and governing bodies to collaboratively acknowledge and mitigate the extensive occurrence of sexual harassment, thereby promoting the creation of safer and more inclusive public environments for all members of society.

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