The Role Of Whey Protein Supplementation In Enhancing Anaerobic Power Of Bodybuilders Following 8-Week Resistance Training Program

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of whey protein supplementation on the anaerobic power of bodybuilders following 8-week resistance training program. A total of 31 participants were assigned to the experimental group, which fulfilled their daily protein requirement through whey protein supplementation. Age, height, weight, and BMI were measured before and after the program to assess any changes. Additionally, anaerobic power was evaluated through various tests including 1 RM (Bench Press), 1 RM (Squats), 30-meter sprint test, Vertical Jump Test, and Peak Power Test (wingate test), both before and after the 8-week resistance training program. The results of the study indicated that the experimental group, which consumed whey protein supplementation to meet their protein requirements, demonstrated a significant improvement in anaerobic power following the 8-week resistance training program. The participants exhibited enhanced performance in all the assessed parameters of anaerobic power, including 1 RM (Bench Press) and 1 RM (Squats), indicating an increase in upper and lower body strength. Moreover, the 30-meter sprint test, Vertical Jump Test, and Peak Power Test showed substantial improvements, suggesting enhanced speed, explosive power, and overall anaerobic capacity. The findings of this study highlight the potential benefits of whey protein supplementation in combination with resistance training for bodybuilders. By fulfilling their protein requirements through whey protein supplementation, bodybuilders were able to enhance their anaerobic power. This improvement in anaerobic power has significant implications for performance during intense physical activities, such as weightlifting, sprinting, and jumping, which are integral to bodybuilding. The present study provides valuable insights for coaches, trainers, and athletes in the field of bodybuilding, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation strategies to optimize training outcomes. Whey protein supplementation can be considered an effective dietary intervention to support bodybuilders in improving their anaerobic power and achieving their performance goals. Future research should explore the long-term effects of whey protein supplementation on bodybuilders' anaerobic power and investigate its impact on other performance-related parameters.

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