The Complex Relationship Between Religion And Hate: A Review Of Extremist Approaches And Counter Narratives

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Dr. Abdul Muhaimin , Anila Mustafa , Muhammad Hayat Khan


This review article explores the complex connection between religion and hatred, focusing on the ways that extremist groups use religion as justification for their violent and discriminatory actions against marginalized communities. To promote their views, extremist groups employ a variety of strategies, including propaganda, the appropriation of religious texts and symbols, and social media. In order to gain sympathy, they also portray themselves as victims, and they use religion to legitimize their behavior. Counter-ideologies that encourage acceptance, respect for one another, and interaction between different religious and cultural groups are suggested as a means of combating these extreme narratives. These activities include grassroots campaigns, interfaith dialogues, and the promotion of alternative readings of religious texts. In the end, the piece makes the case that while religion can be a positive force, it needs to be properly controlled to prevent it from sliding into the traps of fanaticism and hatred.

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