To Measure The Effect Of Four Step Strategy On The Spatial Vocabulary Enhancement Of Students

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Rabia Tabassum , Zafrana Syed , Gulzar , Muhammad Naeem Shah


This study was experimental in nature to investigate the learning of spatial vocabulary in the subject of English through four-step strategy using the single group four cycle designs. The sample of the study comprised of twenty (female and male) students of Grade III. The objective of the study was (i) to explore the effects of four-step strategy on the spatial vocabulary enhancement of students. The venue for the experiment was, Army Public School and College (Iqra) Risalpur Cantt District Nowshehra. 20 students of grade III (10 boys... 10 girls) were taken as sample of the study by using purposive sampling technique. To achieve the objective, the following null hypothesis was tested: (i) there is no significant effect of four-step strategy on the spatial vocabulary enhancement of students. Single group four cycle designs were used as a tool for data collection in this study to measure the performance of the students. The duration of the study was four weeks. The data obtained was tabulated and analyzed using paired t-test in the light of the objective of the study. The analysis of the collected data revealed the following findings: it was revealed from the results that four step strategies had significant effect on spatial vocabulary enhancement at elementary level. The results showed that after the treatment with four-step strategy the vocabulary of the students improved. It is recommended that the teacher should apply four-step strategy to foster the academic achievements of the students. This study would be beneficial for students, teachers and curriculum developers alike.

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