Dr Farida Khanam And Her Book : Life And Teachings Of The Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh) Its Relevance In A Global Context

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Jamil Ahmad , Dr. Attaullah , Dr. Junaid Akbar , Dr. Muhammad Ikramullah


The first largest minority community in  India are the Muslims.After the separation of sub continent on august 1947 Muslims of India are facing serious problems with reguard of their religion.Although  they are passing very hard and unfavourable conditions ,however they are coping with the situations and slowly progressing ahead,as far as their contribution to  Islam is concerned,they have done very much and valueable services in some areas and their successes are very remarkable.Especially in Sirah writing there is a very great name Dr Mazhar Yaseen Siddiquee late.Along with men there are some women too,who made remarkable services and contributions in different fields of Islamic Studies.Women Muslims Scholars are few but in this area they did best things related to Islam and Prophet of Islam.One of them is a shining star for the Muslims community, Dr Farida Khanam Ex Professor in  the Jamia Millia Islamia ,Islamic studies Deptt New Delhi. Dr Farida is distinguished and prolific writer.She  generally write on problems faced by Muslim women, women rights in Islam, Muslim women’s historical contribution, gendere equity, women education and related issues.She is also a public speaker and activist in building peace,communal harmony and interfaith dialogue. To her  credit she has several books and research papers. In this humble paper I shall try to shed lights on this Muslim woman’s scholarly work with evaluation of her views and approaches,with reguard of her book on the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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