Virtual Environments in Learning: A Systematic Review

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Jorge Genaro Ramirez-Delgado, Rosa Genoveva Carranza-Dávila, Juan Antonio Guevara-Fernández, Ricardo Nacor Ríos-Lozada, Bertila Hernández-Fernández


In the current context of the pandemic, it has been a challenge for governments to continue education at all levels. The purpose of this research is to review information related to virtual environments in educational processes. This research has consulted academic databases such as: EBSCO, Scopus, Scielo. In these a general search was carried out using the name and the variable, then the advanced search was carried out using the AND and OR operators, to make the limitations in the selection of documents, in the inclusion criteria such as relevance, topic, language have been considered.  years from 2019 to 2022, in terms of exclusion, duplicate articles have been considered, the abstract and language, a sample of 22 scientific articles has been obtained. Finally, we can mention that current education needs an articulated work of face-to-face and virtual scenarios, being indispensable the work in virtual environments for learning. For this, it will be necessary a joint work of the state entities to achieve better conditions of connectivity and technological implementation of the educational institutions.

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