Maritime Security And Geo-Politics In The Indian Ocean Region

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The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) holds prominence due to its strategic importance as a major hub for global trade, connecting Asia with other regions. The region itself is experiencing a transformation from being a trade route to a nexus for economic, environmental, and security issues. Major stakeholders, including extra-regional states like the EU, the United States, and major Asian countries, have increased their attention toward the IOR. However, the region faces various challenges such as territorial disputes, terrorism, piracy, and geopolitical tensions. This article analyzes the strategic context of the IOR and the need for cooperation among regional and extra-regional states to transform the region into a peaceful hub for economic and security development. The article examines the current geopolitical situation of the IOR as well as issues related to maritime security, energy security, environmental security, and the competition among the powerful players like the United States, China, and India to influence the region. Succinctly, the article insinuates the requisite need of cooperation among stakeholders indispensable to address security and other challenges and ensure the safe passage of energy trade and overall regional stability.

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