Google Classroom in Educational Service: A systematic Review

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Ricardo Nacor Ríos-Lozada, Juan Antonio Guevara-Fernández, Rosa Genoveva Carranza-Dávila, Jorge Genaro Ramirez-Delgado, Bertila Hernández-Fernández


Since 2020, the year in which face-to-face education was interrupted by confinement due to COVID 19. The educational service began to be developed virtually and with this the teacher’s challenge to use technologies in education. Many teachers used Virtual Learning Environments such as Google Classroom to provide a better quality of care. The objective of this article is to analyze information regarding the use of the use of the Google Classroom tool in the educational service during the period 2020-2021. The research for information for this research work has been carried out in the databases: Scopus and EBSCO. In them, a general search was carried out, finding 194 documents, in the advanced search the Boolean operators AND and OR have beeb used, selecting a population of 124 documents, these have been evaluated throung the use of the Prism, obtaining a simple of 32 scientific articles. According to your selection criteria. Inclusion and exclusion criteria, finally it is mentioned that since 2020 the use educational platforms have increased, Google Classroom being the most used in the educational field.

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