A Managerial Insight Of Government Funded Construction Projects Delays In Malakand Division Pakistan

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Engr. Dr. Bilal Karim , Dr. Kashif Amin


This quantitative research study is aimed to know about the factors of construction delay in construction projects of Malakand division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Delay in construction projects has been one of the most significant issues throughout the globe and Pakistani construction industry is also facing the same specifically in government funded construction projects. Delay in construction may be defined as the difference between the planned completion as specified in contract and the original physical completion of that project. A number of factors contribute to delay a construction project from its timely completion including contractor or construction company, consultant, client, acts of Almighty God, labor, material, external factors, terrorism etc. impact of delay in construction projects may be reduced only if these factors are identified and managed properly. This study has its objectives to recognize the central causes of delay and magnitude of their impact in government funded construction projects. The current quantitative study was conducted on the basis of review of literature of the same nature studies and a questionnaire survey. A self administered questionnaire regarding ranking of construction delay factors was distributed among the constructors, consultants and clients of Malakand division. The data gathered through thisĀ  questionnaire was analyzed to weigh up the relative importance of the factors causing delay in government funded construction projects of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As a result, the analysis of the questionnaires' data presented the key factors of construction delay in government funded construction projects of Malakand division and they were properly ranked. Efficiently planning the projects, proper monitoring and controlling, timely payment to construction firms by clients etc must be ensured to curtail delay in construction projects.

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