Analysis Of Administrative And Educational Experience Of School Principal In Enhancing School Performance

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Ahmed Samad & Ajab Ali Lashari


A school is a social institution and organization whose aim is to ensure quality education for students which enables them not only to be aware of all the talents but also to give individual and collective goals to the God-given talents. Apply for acquisition. The people working in every organization have different attitudes, tendencies, interests, abilities, skills, abilities, and intelligences. The goals, values, attitudes and feelings and interests of the people working in the organization have a direct impact on the organization. The secret of the success of any institution or organization lies in the collective effort. In this regard, mutual understanding and the best relationships are of utmost importance. Such relationships and culture where each individual get respect unconditionally as a member of the organization. Whole process requires all practical work and full participation, starting from the determination of the objectives to the achievement of the mission and objectives. There, the leader has a special position, and the head teacher has the status of the principal. The competence of the school principal lies in the atmosphere of pleasant relations, mutual respect, cooperation and joint movement, struggle, trust, and belief among the teachers. A qualitative research approach has been used in this research study to reach at the outcomes. The population of the research study are the schools of Malir, Karachi, whereas the data collected from 10 school principals selected randomly, and data collected through semi-structured, open-ended interview questionnaire, though data has been analyzed with thematic analysis method of research. This research study has been concluded as the school principals needs to develop a strong vision and mission, Foster a positive school culture, and use data to inform decision-making, to enhance school performance.

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