The Effectiveness Of Desensitization Treatment And Reprocessing Through Eye Movements In Alleviating Symptoms Of Perceived Stress And Generalized Anxiety In A Group Of Women With Psychosomatic Disorder Infertility Of Psychological Origin -As A Model-

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Hanane Guehiri , Naima Ait Guenissaid , Omar Matari


The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of desensitization treatment and reprocessing by eye movement in reducing the bad perception of stress and generalized anxiety among women with psychological infertility. The researcher used the quasi-experimental method to achieve the objectives of the study. The sample consisted of 5 women from Blida. The duration of treatment ranged between 13 to 14 classes, including the classes in which the researcher carried out the pre and post-measurement. The researcher also adopted in her research a set of tools that were used according to the conditions of the semi-experimental approach (pre-measurement, treatment, post-measurement) and represented in the scale of perception of pressure, and generalized anxiety, after making sure of their validity and stability, as the researcher applied the standard protocol that treated Desensitization and retreatment by eye movement on a research sample. The research group, which consisted of 5 women with infertility of psychological origin, suffers from a poor and high perception of stress and generalized anxiety, and EMDR treatment was highly effective in reducing stress intensity, and the generalized anxiety of the research group where one of the five cases managed to get pregnant after the end of treatment.       

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