The effect of climate on the cultivation of cereal crops (rice, wheat, barley) in Shamiya district

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Dr. Muneera Mohmmed Makki


Al-Qadisiyah governorate , including Al-Shamiya district, is considered one of the agricultural governorates, due to its natural components and a favorable climate that contributes to the production of various agricultural crops, including grain crops ( rice, wheat, barley), which are one of the main food crops with direct dependence for population consumption. The cultivation and production of these crops were affected by the prevailing climatic characteristics in the study area, so our study came to show the impact of climate characteristics on the cultivation and production of grain crops. Knowing the climatic conditions available in the region and their compatibility with the climatic requirements of grain crops To expand its cultivation and increase the quantity and quality of its production. As well as revealing the reality of its geographical distribution and the reasons for its spatial variance and knowing the extent of the correlation and impact of climatic characteristics on this distribution and variance, which leads planners and decision makers to prepare development plans and appropriate and necessary programs for the advancement, development and advancement of the agricultural reality in the future .The study aims to clarify the effect of climate elements on the production and productivity of grain crops (rice, wheat, barley), by comparing the climatic requirements of crops with the characteristics of the climate of the study area during the growing season by using a number of techniques and statistical methods such as linear regression, correlation and interpretation coefficient to determine the type of The relationship and the degree of its strength to come up with the appropriate calendar for the influence of climate elements on the production of agricultural crops .

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