Understanding The Dynamics Of Polio Refusal Cases In Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

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Aamir Abbas , Muhammad Imran , Dr. Subhash Guriro , Dr. Jaishry Mehraj , Dr. Sundeep Sahitia , Dr. Shabbir Ahmad


Refusel of the oral polio vaccine is a threat to the health of the children but on the other hand parents are also not willing to get vaccination for their children. Polio vaccine commonly refused in tribal areas including the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK). Objective of the study was to find out the demographic characteristics of the respondents, causes of polio vaccine  refusal and to clarify the concepts of the respondents who refuse the oral polio vaccine of their children in Dera Ismail Kha.  Population of the study was wards and parents of children who refused  to get polio vaccination of their children  from four tehsil of district D.I. Khan. In present study the total 120 cases were recruited for the data collection by using  systematic random sampling technique. Every 5th refusal case was chosen from the four tehsil of district D.I. Khan based on registred refusal cases of polio vaccine from each tehsil. The data were collected with the help of the well-structured interview schedule. It was most appropriate method because most of the respondents were illiterate and they were not aware about the importance of this research. Appropriate statistical formula through   SPSS 22 is used as data analysis tool. It is also identified that majority of the respondents have less knowledge of polio vaccination, majority is living in rural areas, their household monthly income is very low and parents education level is also very low. 

It was also explored during the study that misconception by people and unislamic laws, swine urine, misconception created by people, causes of other diseases for children and non  reliable methods and practices were significant causal factor of polio refusal in D.I Khan.

It is suggested that government should step forward and should encourage these people to vaccinate their children for better health indicators of Paksitan to make Pakistan polio free country.

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