University Students’ Perceptions Rgarding Online Learning In Punjab Pakistan: A Comparative Study

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Dr. Shahid Raza, Dr.Vajiha Naz, Dr.Romena Ali, Bazgha Saleem Khan


The study aimed at university students’ views regarding online learning in Punjab. This study covered three areas including online learning management, interaction, and learning network. A total of 120 M.Phil. students were taken as a respondent from three universities of Punjab. A self-developed questionnaire was used for data collection and gathered data analyzed with the help of frequency, mean, standard deviation, and t test. The study findings reported that university students had multiple views about online learning in respect of management, interaction, and learning network. Where online learning provides various benefits, it also identifies problems that need to be covered in order to promote quality of online learning. The study makes invaluable contribution in the form of university students views about online mode of learning in Punjab, Pakistan. This study could guide universities in developing effective strategies for further strengthen the online learning quality as well as providing standard online learning to students.  

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